Spa and massage Sabadell.

 Spa in Sabadell

You can visit our urban spa circuit 142 in the Rambla de Sabadell Monday to Saturday from 9am to 19pm without reserve time for only € 11.50 / person. Enjoy our water circuit comprising:

  • Footbath
  • 36 degrees relaxation pool with water beds, waterfalls and hidrojet
  • Jacuzzi
  • Cold contrast pool
  • Turkish and Finnish sauna
  • Relaxation area

An ideal place to relax your body and mind.  In our circuit you will find the appropriate way to enjoy the water, the welfare of the mind through the body. A place where there is no time for stress or problems and the only purpose is that body and soul come into harmony.

It is a experience for be shared preferably but no matter if you prefer to enjoy each area separately and then exchange feelings or reach an agreement of which section you want to explore at the same time. The important thing is the complicity we breathe, as well as the joy of feeling about you’ve finally made a deserved tribute and know that there is a partner to remember with this perfect moment, and perhaps repeat.

Essential wear flip flops, towel and swimsuit

For a complete relaxing session we recommend adding a massage, remember to book early. Below we show some of the most popular massages:


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